Another successful hour of getting lost in the moment and dancing till the sun went down!

IMG_7877     IMG_7876IMG_7875 IMG_7878  IMG_7872 :

For the first half of the Golden hour we had a guest dj set by Miro Belle:

Followed by this playlist (Flying Lotus “Melt!” was the music for the opening dance performance!) :


So part of the Golden Hour that I didn’t mention in my previous post is that we kicked off the hour with a dance performance.

During one of the long drives between factories on my China trip, I was listening to music and day-dreamed the choreography for the 2nd Golden Hour in my head.

I made it back to Portland and my good friend from L.A., Car, had moved into my house for a summer sublet!  I worked out some kinks in the choreography and she made us costumes for the performance.


Another amazing golden hour dance party with friends left everyone feeling cleansed, exhausted and ALIVE.

Playlist below (First song is the one we performed to):

Back Story:

The “Golden Hour” is the last hour of sunlight, when the sun is set low in the sky and the light quality becomes especially vibrant and magical… and Portland’s golden hour is more magical than any other place I have been.  I can’t really even explain it, but when I first moved here I couldn’t get over how beautiful it was.  I would be driving around listening to some public access old time jazz radio with my windows down, noticing how the light made everything glow and feeling like time had somehow slowed down.  And I would genuinely feel myself overflowing with enthusiasm and appreciation for where I was in that moment.

After experiencing this several times, I started dreaming up other ways to make the most of the “golden hour” and I started to imagine the best thing ever would be to gather all my friends outdoors with lots of space to run around and dance like crazy people to all of our favorite music…

that was about 2 years ago…

Current Story:

FINALLY last month I hosted my first golden hour dance party in my back yard.  We started dancing at 7:30pm and didn’t stop dancing until the sun set at 8:30.  Every one of us gave it our all and we danced full out, judgement free for 1 hour straight with no breaks… and we were sore for days after- ha!  It was INCREDIBLE.


Check out the playlist for the first Golden Hour with spotify:

I went and hung out in the wood shop at Oregon College of Art and Craft last week and made a little spoon friend:


1. get a piece of wood


2. Draw a spoon


3. Clamp it in


4. scoop it out with a tool I don’t remember the name of


5. cut it out with a band saw


6. almost a spoon


7. shape it with the power sander


8. omg! it’s a spoon with a heart on it!


9. side view… could probs use some more work… maybe next time!


Little Building at Oregon College of Art and Craft

The O.C.A.C. campus is located in the hills west of downtown Portland and is super adorbs. with cottage-like buildings scattered amongst trees.  AND in addition to wood, they also have really nice studios for metal, ceramics, fiber arts, book binding, letter press, and photography.  I’m going to make EVERYTHING EVER.

I saw Tame Impala play Sunday night at the Crystal Ballroom…!

I have to say the opening band was TERRIBLE and the singer from Tame Impala was def. struggling a bit on some songs… HOWEVER, the distortion over his voice, fuzzy guitars, dance vibes and the psychedelic light projections made up for everything.

20130309-590-tameImpala-120130309-590-tameImpala-12Tame ImpalaImpala

*note: I was too absorbed in the moment to take any photos so those above were found through google image search.

The colors kept switching from pastel pink and blue rainbows to primary colors and back.  It was mesmerizing.  Besides the geometric lines of light shown above, they also had some more free flowing projections that I think were probs created with oil in water à la 60’s “liquid lightshows“.  This album art conveys a bit more of that vibe:


Also these are pretty:


ALSO, if you haven’t already, you should listen to Tame Impala’s latest album Lonerism on repeat while dancing around your house or while contemplating your existence as you drive home from work.  AND you should check out this video for the song”Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”- the song itself is an introspective meandering masterpiece and this video is a stop motion craft-spiration!


Oh and look! Behind the scenes images of designers/ directors Becky Sloan & Joseph Pelling working on the video:


for more of their work go here: